July 16, 2024

The Summary: Designing Custom Four-Corner Display Lid Boxes

The Summary: Designing Custom Four-Corner Display Lid Boxes
In this insightful guide, you will undercover how to design custom four-corner display lid boxes. Get ideas on materials, customization and printing.

Custom four-corner display lid boxes are on a steady rise for those businesspeople who wish to create effective and quality boxes for their products. These boxes are not just functional in terms of packaging requirements but also allow a good space to write and mark the branding and other product information. 

Here, we will explain the process of producing these boxes, which includes talking about the material that is being used and the method of printing on them.

Exploring Lid Boxes

Four-corner display lid boxes are a kind of packaging that is mainly aimed at providing proper visibility to the products. These are containers that have a top that can be flipped open to showcase the contents and serve nicely for merchandising. The four-cornered post construction also guarantees the sustainability and easy installation of the container that would offer a secure shelf that enhances the product display.

Acquiring Input Material

Making custom four-corner display lid boxes requires a careful selection of the material to be used for making the boxes. Some of the common materials used in their formation include cardboard, both corrugated fiberboard, and Kraft paper. Cardboard is relatively light and appropriate for most of the items which are intended for sale on the market shelves. Corrugated fiberboard is TCC coated with additional strength thus recommended for sturdier products. Kraft paper is an environment-friendly paper that has that perfect raw aesthetic appeal for the event.

Individual Branding Techniques

It can be a great idea for display lid boxes, because their design also comes with many customizable options. To add more value to customers, companies can select an array of shapes, sizes, as well as finishes that can better accommodate their company’s brand strategy. Aesthetic features include options such as embossing or debossing offering a touch of elegance and foil stamping offers a prestigious look; window cut-out also helps in the visibility of the product.

The Summary: Designing Custom Four-Corner Display Lid Boxes

Great Visual Impression

It is customary to have great importance in the styling of custom four-corner display lid boxes. Offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing are among the sophisticated methods of producing higher-quality texts, images, and even graphics using colours and designs. The use of brand logos as well as images and messages can be incorporated into the advertisement as an effective strategy for capturing the consumers’ attention.

Improving Effectiveness

Moving on the auto bottom counter display boxes have more additional features when available for bulk buy. These lobster boxes have an automatic bottom closure and are relatively easy to assemble; are also ideal for retail use. They are stable surfaces therefore the ideal point of sale product placement and products that people are likely to indulge in.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Consumers and businesses today consider the sustainable effects of their actions as one of the most significant trends. Seeing that four-corner display lid printed boxes can be made from environmentally friendly materials and manufactured through environmentally friendly methods, it can do so much for a brand. So the approach of choosing the packaging that can be recycled, printed with biodegradable ink, and produced with eco-friendly methods can be considered as the most successful environmental approach to the creation of the packaging.


The necessity of buying auto bottom counter display packaging boxes wholesale is driven by the understanding that it will greatly decrease the amount of money spent. Wholesale also has different advantages compared to retail, specifically the fact that it’s cheaper to manufacture thousands of excellent quality boxes at a time. This is especially useful for small and medium enterprises, which can look for ways how to reduce packaging expenses.

Tips to Follow

In the formation of custom four-corner display lid boxes, the following factors must be taken into consideration; looks as well as practicalities have to be enhanced. It is also appropriate that the box size has a tight fit on the product to avoid any movements during shipment. When it comes to the design of the lid, ensure that it can be opened and closed quickly to allow for added convenience. Make sure to use clear images at a high resolution so that they are easy to read when zoomed in.

Future of Display Packaging

The packaging industry is a dynamic one, which means that there are always developments regarding trends as well as improvements in the technologies involved in the production of the packaging used in industries in the world. As for the future advancements of premium custom boxes in UK, one can expect innovations in terms of smart packaging with QR codes for the consumers, as well as more examples of augmented reality features and more environmentally friendly materials for use in packaging. 


Custom four-corner display lid boxes are all about creating an impressive design that will also have the practicality of its use and the viability to support the use. Realizing these factors, it is possible to choose the right material, make relevant adjustments, and print to design the packaging that will not only provide adequate protection to the products but also reinforce the company’s brand image.

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