July 22, 2024

How To Increase YouTube Views By Yourself?

Increase Youtube Views

This is a picture from YouTube with a sign to increase views

Whatever videos have got more views and likes on YouTube, all of them have used catchy and attractive thumbnails. The first views you get on YouTube are

Increasing Youtube Views is the desire of every YouTuber, no matter how big a YouTuber he is. After his video, everyone asks users to subscribe to him and like his video and also sets a target to increase views and this also increases the views. So if you also want to increase views on YouTube, then you should know some strategies and tips. We will tell you inside our blog how you can promote your videos by increasing views on YouTube and get thousands of likes on them. So let’s know those strategies and tips by following which you can get views on YouTube videos.


Below are some tips to increase your YouTube views by yourself for free. So let’s read the complete guide

1. Use custom and attractive thumbnails to get more views on YouTube

Whatever videos have got more views and likes on YouTube, all of them have used catchy and attractive thumbnails. The first views you get on YouTube are not due to your videos being good, but due to your thumbnail being such that it catches your attention.

These users are immediately attracted to your video and you tell them what the video will be about. If you have taken good advantage of the opportunity of your thumbnail, then the user will not be able to stop himself from clicking on your blog.

How to make your thumbnails catchy and attractive

When you go to any application to make a thumbnail for example Canva, remember that the catchiness of your thumbnail will depend on what your background is. Focus more on your background and after that focus on your text because these are the two things that make a thumbnail attractive. Therefore, focus more on these things.

2. The title should be based on your videos

To increase views on your YouTube video, your video title is as important as the thumbnail of your video. Therefore, when you upload a video, after creating the thumbnail, you must create the title of your video. 

This should be based on your video, it may be possible that the video is talking about something else and you have made the title different. So because of this, if any user comes, he will leave immediately after watching the video.

A good title increases the click through rate of your videos, so if your title is not attractive then no one will click on it.

3. Write Keyword-rich YouTube Video Description

Your video description describes your video, so whenever you create a description, write the description keeping your video in mind. Apart from this, if you have also kept keywords in your description then it also helps YouTube search engine to understand what the video is about.

And when a user searches for a keyword related to your video, then that relevant search is displayed to the user. Your video being in the first position will depend on how you have written the description. 

You have to write your description in such a way that it is searchable and to do this, after giving an overview of your video, you must add relevant keywords in the description.

4. Creating More Videos in Your Niche

Whenever you watch videos on YouTube, it will also suggest more videos in the sideline next to your video. Because YouTube wants users to keep watching videos, that is why it keeps suggesting relevant videos.

YouTube provides a source of relevant videos to keep your entertainment value and learning process going. Money is earned by advertising on other’s videos, so every time you watch a video, you are shown an ad again and again, which increases the duration of watching the video

To increase YouTube views, you should make other videos related to your niche and keep them in a special category. Also try to make videos on trending topics here so that you can boost your YouTube views by making YouTube videos.

Should I buy Youtube Service For Boost My Video Views

Of course, if the likes on your YouTube videos are not increasing, then you should try YouTube likes service which will increase your likes from your miss. There is a long process to follow to put a projector on the video and even after that you have to take a subscription for the projector when uploading long videos. So if you cannot subscribe, then the best way for you is to take the buy 1000 YouTube views service of one of the trusted sites and services follower bar.


Increasing YouTube views organically has always been a bit of a process but it is the best way to be sustainable and grow your account in the long run. However, if you can’t wait, you can check out one of the best sites and services to Follower Bar, Buy YouTube views India for Business promotion and Effective long time branding .