July 16, 2024

How to Go Viral on Tiktok: The Complete Guide

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Buy tiktok followers

Are you looking for the latest TikTok magic. Find out the latest tips and tricks to go viral on Tiktok on grow yourself on tiktok in little time

Are you looking for the latest TikTok magic? Find out the latest tips and tricks to go viral on Tiktok! We have researched for you and found some interesting statistics on the topic of going viral on TikTok. We will show you why a video goes viral on TikTok and which measures will help your videos become more viral.

Why does a video go viral?

Going viral can mean getting several thousand views within a few hours and over a million views in a day!  Why this happens has to be considered in each individual case. Often a new trend starts that is picked up by the algorithm and then promoted. Sometimes it’s simple, funny memes that just grab people and make them laugh. Often creators with years of experience and the right tools can create targeted content that is liked, shared and commented on by the algorithm and the target group. We find this interesting. Sometimes it’s current events or pop culture topics that send the internet into a fever dream. Just think of the annual #comic on trend with a total of 410 million views! 

How to go viral on TikTok?

Recognize viral TikTok trends and act quickly. To create a viral TikTok video, it’s very helpful to research which viral videos exist in your niche. For example, if you’re active in the #Bookwork community, look at which videos and people are particularly popular there. This can inspire and also give valuable insights into how to create suspense, use storytelling, use visual effects or convey a strong message. From BuyIgFollowersMalaysia is site where you can buy tiktok followers Malaysia in time anywhere in very less price.

Set high quality standards for yourself on tiktok

Good quality also conveys credibility and professionalism. TikTok’s algorithm also often prefers high-quality videos because they provide a better user experience. The quality of the video can also affect share ability. If a video looks and sounds good, other users will be more inclined to share it with their friends. And what we must not forget: When we watch Tiktok videos, we have a short attention span! A well-produced video with appealing quality can hold attention better than a video of poor quality.

Go viral together: Collaborate with other TikTok influencers

Celebrity participation can be a great way to go viral because the influencers already have an existing following and high visibility on the platform. When celebrities or well-known TikTok influencers appear in or share a video, it will automatically be seen by a huge number of people. Plus, their participation can add credibility to the video. 

Tips for implementation:

  • Research: Find prominent influencers that match your content.
  • Relationship building: Before you directly ask for collaboration, build a relationship with these influencers. Follow them, comment on their posts, and show genuine interest in their content. You could also try to find content parallels that make your collaboration worthwhile.
  • Develop ideas: Develop creative and original ideas and suggestions about what the cooperation could look like.
  • Make contact: If you feel comfortable, you can send a message to the influencer. Be polite, show appreciation and present your idea for collaboration. 

In this case, it is better to focus on the other tips and build your reach first. Don’t get discouraged quickly, especially at the beginning. Influencers sometimes receive requests for collaborations every day and simply don’t have time to answer them all. Think about what added value you can bring to the other person instead of just acting out of your own interests.

Humorous content is more likely to go viral on Tiktok

Nonetheless, humorous and entertaining posts do extremely well on Tiktok. Many viral videos contain ironic, sometimes self-deprecating content. However, it is more important that your content is also authentic, so if humor is not your strong suit, there are many other niches that might suit you.

Target group analysis essential

No matter which social media platform or content you want to go viral on, you need to know which target group you want to address. There is everything on Tiktok – from Bookwork to Dark Academia to Life Hacks. Based on your interests and skills, define which target group you want to address. Then research the important and current topics of the target group and decide where you want to position yourself. 

Create a viral hook

Your content needs to grab attention in the first three seconds so that the video continues to be watched. This part of the video is called the “hook”. The trend shows that videos are now getting longer, but users’ attention spans are still very short and need to be caught quickly.

Bonus tip: the best time 

According to parent company Bytedance, TikTok currently has 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. As a rule, the videos suggested on the For You page are no older than a few days. In order to get as many views as possible, it can help to take into account when your target group is online and pay attention to their time zones.


Ultimately, the bottom line is: There are countless ways to go viral on TikTok. With our tips in hand, your chances aren’t that bad. So, grab your camera and your creativity, set sail and conquer the TikTok universe! Follow our blog for more tips and tricks to get more followers and likes on TikTok . Good luck and see you soon on the big viral stage!