July 22, 2024

How to Change Name on Spirit Flight Ticket:

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit Name Change

Spirit Airlines Name Change policy, many travelers have questioned. Whether they can transfer ticket ownership.Or what happens if they enter.

With Spirit Airlines Name Change policy, many travelers have questioned. Whether they can transfer ticket ownership to another person. Or what happens if they enter the erroneous name while booking?

Airlines have protocols in place to assist passengers in dealing with these situations. Such as how much it will cost and how far ahead of the scheduled departure customers can change their names. To gain a clear idea, let’s look at Spirit Airlines’ name change policy:

Spirit Airlines Name Change Guidelines

Spirit Airlines’ Name Change Policy- Spirit Airlines’ general regulation for name adjustments is that consumers can only edit up to three characters from the first, middle, or last name on their ticket. Aside from that, there are more guidelines to follow, such as:

  • If the name change request is for legal reasons, the airlines will not impose an higher price.
  • The Spirit Airlines name correction policy does not cover any other changes to the passenger’s information, such as gender or contact data.
  • Passengers must present supporting documentation. Such as a marriage or divorce certificate, or court order. Or any other legal name change document, for all later changes. Including date of birth, contact information, gender, and passport information.
  • If your name is on your government-issued ID or passport. Includes a middle name or a suffix/prefix, you should include it in your ticket name. 
  • Airlines will not charge you for name changes or ticket amendments made within 24 hours of booking.
  • Spirit Airlines must be the flight ticket operator, and any name changes must have an inventory number that begins with 095.
  • The airlines do not allow the transfer of ticket ownership to another passenger.
  • If a customer travels on more than one flight segment. The name change request will only apply to the Spirit Airlines flight segment.

Name Correction Methods for Spirit Airlines Tickets

Passengers can change their names while purchasing a flight online or over the phone. Let’s look at both ways in depth below:

Name Change Online

The steps for changing a name on an airline ticket online are as follows:

  • Visit Spirit.com and navigate to the ‘ manage to book’ area.
  • To view the reservation details, input the reference number for the reservation and the traveler’s last name, then click the “OK” button. 
  • After that, click ‘change’ to change the passenger’s name.
  • Enter your proper name (you can only alter up to three letters).
  • Upload legal documentation to support your name change request.
  • Pay your charge online.
  • After selecting Save Changes, you can expect an email notification with the correct name.  

Verify that the surname you enter matches the one on your government-issued ID. 

Customer Helpline for Name Changes

Call Spirit Airlines customer service 24 hours before your flight’s departure time to request a name change or correction.

For more information, call our expert at +1-833-994-2868

Overview of the Spirit Name Change Policy

It is illegal to make speculative reservations for flights in the hope that airlines may approve a similar name change in the future. Spirit Airlines considers such behavior abusive. The following are the key features of Spirit Airlines’ name-changing policy:

  • You can only update the ticket name on an existing PNR. Airlines will cancel the original ticket and issue new bookings to the passengers.
  • The airline’s name correction policy allows you to amend only the title, first name, middle name, and last name. 
  • If you change more than three letters in your last, first, or middle name. Or any combination of them is termed a complete name change.
  • If you change more than three letters in your last, first, or middle name. Or any combination of them is termed a complete name change. Only passengers who have changed their names are eligible for this change. 

Spirit Airlines’ Name Change Policy on Tickets

Spirit Airlines offers a name change policy. It allows travelers to change the name on their tickets under specific conditions. Here are the several situations in which Spirit Airlines accepts name changes:

Name Change: Misspelled

Passengers may need to update the names on their tickets to correct minor errors. Passengers can correct minor spelling issues, including misspelled names. Minor name changes, but, should adhere to the Spirit Name Change Policy as well.

Legal Name Change

Spirit Airlines’ name change policy allows travelers to adjust their legal name. A legal name change may be needed as a result of a separation, marriage, or other legal proceedings. To change your name, you must present the necessary documents.

Documents Required for Name Change

Assume a traveler is obliged to change their name owing to one of the reasons. In such a case, they may be able to complete it without submitting any documents online.

Travelers may need to furnish Spirit Airlines with supporting documentation to change the names on their tickets. See what you should have available in the event of a need:

Legal documents are required for name changes. Include marriage licenses, court orders, divorce decrees, and supporting documentation. 

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