July 12, 2024

The Air Conditioner Does Not Turn On

The Air Conditioner Does Not Turn on: the Main Reasons

The Air Conditioner Does Not Turn on: the Main Reasons

An air conditioner is a household appliance that costs almost as much as a refrigerator, especially when the weather outside is very hot. In addition

An air conditioner is a household appliance that costs almost as much as a refrigerator, especially when the weather outside is very hot. In addition, if it is too early to turn on the heating, this device allows you to heat the room to a comfortable temperature. But, as sad as it may be, technology cannot last forever and it happens that you take the remote control to turn on the air conditioner, and it simply does not respond. This most often happens after a long period of inactivity, for example, after winter, when the air conditioner has not been used for several months.

The main reasons why the air conditioner does not turn on:

The air conditioner does not turn on from the remote control

If you haven’t used the air conditioner for a long time and it won’t turn on. The first thing you should check is the batteries on the remote control. This can be done in several ways: 

turn on the camera on the phone, hold the remote control with the light bulb to it and press any button. If the camera shows that the light bulb is on, then the batteries are working, if the light bulb does not light, you should replace the batteries with new ones;

using a tester (multimeter) measures the voltage on the batteries. If there is no voltage at all or it is less than 0.5 volts, then the batteries are dead. The normal voltage of working batteries is from 1 to 1.5 volts;

Insert the batteries from the remote control into the clock or other device and check their functionality.

You should also check the contacts on the remote control, they may have oxidized (turned greenish) from prolonged non-use. If this happens, the remote control will simply stop accepting voltage from the batteries and, accordingly, will not function and turn on the air conditioner. In such a situation, you should disassemble the remote control from the split system and clean the contacts with sandpaper, then reassemble it, insert new batteries and enjoy the operation of the air conditioner.

Why won’t the air conditioner turn on?

When the air conditioner is connected to the power supply. It should somehow react to the current supply, for example, give a sound signal. If this does not happen, most likely the problem is in the socket itself, perhaps it is faulty. Try checking it with another electrical appliance, such as a hair dryer or an electric kettle. If the device also does not respond, it is necessary to repair or replace the socket.

  • If the current source works, you should look for the cause elsewhere:
  • check the air conditioner power cable (plug and wire) for breakage;

Using a tester or indicator screwdriver, ring the contacts and terminal blocks in the indoor unit of the air conditioner.

If the problem is broken wires or oxidation of contacts, with certain knowledge you can make repairs yourself, but still, in such a situation it is best to contact a specialist who will fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Failure to maintain the air conditioner in a timely manner

If you have, for example, a Daikin air conditioner and the light is blinking, and the device itself does not start, the filters may be clogged. This happens when the climate control system has been in operation for a long time, and the air conditioner has not been cleaned . In order to avoid more serious breakdowns, you need to open the cover of the internal unit of the split system, remove the filter mesh and wash them under running water, then dry and install them in place. It is also recommended to vacuum and wipe the internal parts of the device with a damp cloth.

The filter and radiator of the external unit of the air conditioner must also be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. After these procedures, the air conditioner should start.

It should be noted that for a complete and high-quality cleaning of the air conditioner. It is best to contact a specialist.

The air conditioner is not installed correctly

If you decide to save money and install the climate control system yourself. Be prepared for the fact that it may simply refuse to work from the very first day. The compressor or the external unit of the split system may not start. The reason for such behavior of the equipment is most often incorrect installation. Perhaps the external unit of the air conditioner is not installed level (crooked), and this greatly affects its operation. You could also have made a mistake when connecting the contacts from the internal unit to the external one. In addition, if the air conditioner turns on, but does not work correctly (does not cool), the rules for laying the freon line are probably not followed (the slope is broken, the pipes are bent, etc.).

If after self-installation the air conditioner worked normally, but after some time it stopped turning on, it is likely that an error was made during installation or freon filling, which led to the breakdown of the device.

In any case, if the air conditioner does not work or does not work properly after installation. You should seek help from a specialist who will find the cause of the malfunction and fix it.

The air conditioner worked intermittently at first, and then stopped turning on.

In the case where the air conditioner worked properly, but eventually stopped supplying cold. And then refuses to turn on at all, there may be a refrigerant leak. The fact is that the natural production of freon is approximately 5-7% per year. If the air conditioner worked for more than a year without refilling with refrigerant, this could lead to its breakdown. 

In this situation, you need to contact a specialist who will fix the problem and fill the climate system with freon using special equipment.

Incorrect operation of the air conditioner

The air conditioner does not turn on after winter. But before that it worked properly and even heated the room during the cold season? Perhaps you used it incorrectly?

Each split system is designed for a certain temperature at which it can be turned on. Devices of some brands can be used at temperatures down to -15 degrees, while some air conditioners allow temperatures of only -3 degrees (this is indicated in the operating instructions). 

If you turned on the air conditioner at an unacceptable temperature, the device could break down, in this case it is recommended to contact the service center, but it should be noted that such cases are not covered by the warranty, since the device broke down due to the fault of the consumer.

Air conditioner control board failure

If the air conditioner is blinking but not working, this may indicate a malfunction in the control board. In this case, the device will emit a sound signal, the lights will blink. And on some models the display may display an error code in the form of a letter designation.

The control board could fail if there were sudden voltage drops in the network. As well as due to the long service life of the device. In this part of the air conditioner, the contacts could burn out or the microcircuits could fail. 

In this case, it is unlikely that you will be able to repair the air conditioner yourself, so you should contact a qualified specialist who will diagnose the control board, identify the cause of the breakdown and fix it. We recommend contacting the service center “Maverick Ambitions HVAC” – this is a fast and high-quality repair of household appliances, including air conditioners, in a short time.

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