July 15, 2024

Grads on a Budget: Free Graduation Cards

Graduation cards

Graduation cards

This is however a big challenge when it comes to buying graduation cards for various known reasons as discussed below:

 In one of the traditional methods of rejoicing with a graduate, it is worth sending a congratulatory message by means of a card. But when it comes to expenses of the gifts, parties and other celebrations people start looking for some money saving ideas on graduation cards.

Importance of Graduation Cards

In the following Graduation cards are not a mere congratulations messages but has other uses as well. They usually end up being possessions, whereby graduates treasure for several years to come. The card is likely to be cherished by the receiver, may it be a heartfelt message, an advice or just a reminder that there is somebody who cares, when they are receiving such a card on their graduation day it is meaningful than just the formality of it.

This is however a big challenge when it comes to buying graduation cards for various known reasons as discussed below:

They include graduation cards that are available in the market: In most cases, one has to spend a lot of money on such cards, especially if one has to buy them in large quantities or if one is a student or has low income. Further, it becomes also awkward and sometimes even somewhat difficult to select a perfect card to convey your feelings in a current limited variety of cards available in stores.

Enter Free Graduation Cards

Currently there are a lot of web sites, which provide free samples of graduation card and which can be printed and used as is or the graduation cards can be sent by E-mail. Not only do these resources cost significantly less than buying an actual physical gift card from a store or online card retailer but they also allow for flexibility in changing the message on the card to match what the graduate would like and your level of friendship.

If you are in search of graduation card templates then you should use the following sources:

Online Template Websites: There are many websites such as Sendwishonline.com, and others where people can find plenty of free graduation card templates. Even the basic ones come with the options of changing the font, color and images, making it easier for you to design the card from scratch without necessarily hiring a professional.

Graduation Cards

Social Media Platforms: Other websites such as Pinterest has specialized boards in free printables for graduation cards. Finally, there are many designs rated for free browsing, you can select whichever design you find interesting, and download it.

University and College Websites: Most schools offer employment of graduation greetings in form of cards especially those with logos or design related to the school each offering free printable cards. They may be helpful if you want to congratulate somebody for leaving such an institution for instance after finishing his or her course.

Public Libraries: In some public libraries, there are provisions for exclusive uses of design software and conventional printers. Use these resources to create customized graduation cards for the occasion through a print-to-order process at no charge.

You can recount a time you spent with him or in case you had no opportunity to interact with him, you may give him advice that you considered relevant for his life.

Use Their Favorite Colors or Themes: To add a personal touch, if you know the graduate well, don’t shy from using his or her favorite colors or themes in the design of the card.

Add Photos: If at all you can sort shed a picture of you and the graduate together or even a picture during their school time to make the card much more inviting and personable.

Consider Handwritten Notes: However, if you have printed the card, then, writing a personal message on the inside will give an extra touch that may be thoughtful in nature.

Ways to Complete This Task To Printing and Sending Your Cards

Print at Home: You should complete the cards yourself at home using your home printer and good quality card – thick card. This method is affordable because producing as many copies as desired requires little money.

Send Electronically: But if you do not care much about having a physical copy of the card, you can share it with the recipient through email or even through messaging applications or through social media accounts.

Local Print Shops: While selecting a print shop to order the custom cards from, it’s worth it to search for companies that provide cheap customization services. You can bring the new card design via the Internet so that you can have the cards printed and pick them later.


Graduating doesn’t have to cost a lot of money; you can even send a graduation card to them. Since there is a plethora of free resources one can easily design eye-catching and appealing cards which indeed can express warm congratulations to the graduates one cares for. Of course, whether you choose to send a printed newsletter or email one to your audiences, they will appreciate your kind gesture and remember it whenever they think of the festivals. To celebrate a milestone like this, one should use a lot of creativity and, most importantly, care for the sender’s intention. While producing the message might be costly, it doesn’t mean that the sentiment behind it changes.

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